If you don’t already have a frequent flyer membership stop everything and read this!

Frequent Flyer rewards programs are big business and therefore are highly competitive, this is great for flyers and non flyers because you can be earning points and not even have taken a flight.
You don’t even have to redeem your points on flights, instead can use your points to purchase all sorts of items from vacuum cleaners to iPads.

Id much rather use my points to be sitting in First class than buy a flash toaster so my blog focus is earning points for flights and upgrades.

To start you need to choose a frequent flyer program that best suits you.
I recommend that you consider the rewards program affiliated with your national carrier because you have more flexibility , and greater choice of flights, both domestic and International. Plus its highly unlikely the airline will collapse and you lose all your hard earned points.

Unless you are a business traveller who flys multiple airlines regularly I think to maximize your points earning its best to focus all your efforts on accruing points from no more than two programs.

As I live in Australia I have chosen Qantas and Virgin Velocity




Qantas is part of One World Alliance which has thirteen of the worlds leading airlines as partners. This means points and in many cases status credits can be earned from other airlines that are part of one world.
Some airlines partners include American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay pacific, Qatar, Malaysian Airlines, and Iberian. Qantas also codeshares with Emirates


Virgin is affiliated with Air New Zealand Alliance, Delta Airline Alliance, Etihad Airways Alliance , Hong Kong Airlines Alliance, Singapore Airlines Alliance, Air Canada, Alitalia , Hawaiian Airlines, Virgin Atlantic and America and also South African Airways .

You can apply online for both rewards program


It is free to join Velocity but there is a one off joining fee to join Qantas of $89.50 ( inc gst) for Australian residents and $50 NZ for New Zealand residents . However there are several ways to avoid paying this fee.

1. Apply for a Qantas cash card and you will receive automatic membership
2. Sign up using the promo code FAMILYFREE to waive the fee
3. Apply for a Qantas Frequent Flyer credit card,( there are approx 16 different credit cards available to choose from from all the major banks, more on these cards later)
4. Link your qantas account to DELIVEROO, using the DELIVEROO code.
5. Earning points when booking restaurants thru Qantas restaurants if you enter the code DIMMI ( the site is powered by DIMMI ) the joining fee is also waived.
6. Everday Rewards program thru Woolworths often has an offer to sign up for their program, convert dollars earned to points and the joining fee is waived.

Qantas regularly offers no joining fee deals thru various partners and affiliates so just keep an eye out.

So what are you waiting for apply now!

And stay tuned for next post




Disclaimer. This information is correct at time of posting but the airline industry/ frequent flyer industry is ever changing so fees and alliances may change.









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