A bath time blog: A day in Christchurch


Having a bath on your own is no fun, boring even , so whilst I soak away with a glass of wine, I may as well be productive , here is a short travel blog.


I woke late, two time changes Perth to Sydney, Sydney to Christchurch and several cosmopolitans on the plane does that.

Looked sunny outside so put on shorts, headed out the door and my knees immediately turned blue, aircon obviously works a treat!

Got into warmer clothes and headed off to explore CBD.

Things I noticed,

It’s true what they say, there are more New Zealanders in  Australia than in NZ . I will have more chance of coming home with a Chinese accent than “ Nu Zeelund “.

I spent last few hours heeding many warnings to watch out for trams, so far seen none?

Also yet to find one single clothes shop, or any sort of shop to be honest, I double checked that I was actually in the CBD and I am, is there a hidden Westfield somewhere? Wheres Zara and H&M I wonder?

Christchurch is still rebuilding from earthquake, temporary fencing company’s are making a fortune .


Main road more like being on a movie setting, lots of trees full of blossom, wooden cottages with window boxes full of flowers and old telephone boxes.IMG_0798.JPGIMG_0807.JPG

I liked it, quaint, lots of people walking but no locals evident ..(  all in Australia?)

The casino is where you will find everyone, all the locals upstairs watching the “all blacks ” on the hugest tv screens on every wall and the ground floor full of Chinese on the pokies.

The bar menu dates back to 1970’s, schnitzels, parmigiana, surf and turf, you get the picture.

The local Indian restaurant is called “Delhi Belly” (no thanks) IMG_0791.JPG

Food, petrol and taxis expensive, seriously expensive. Almost considered bus to airport then remembered I don’t like buses.

Food servings very generous, a side of vegetables and mashed potato huge, my serve of roasted butter was bigger than a serve of ice cream at home, my arteries hardened just looking at it . Still a mystery how you roast butter? Not a fan tasted very strange


Was a short stay, probably wont be back butglad I’ve been.

I was going to have an alcohol free day but lady at reception desk just told me landing at Wellington airport can be thrilling ??????

What is it with New Zealanders and adrenaline? Anyway I’m preparing myself for a non thrilling  landing with lots of charddys .

Wines finished, bathwater cold, time to jump in shower…until next time..

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