A bath time blog: A day in Auckland


Back in the bath, lots of bubbles in tub and glass

Woke to yet another sunny day, tho still cold and needed my new “puffer” jacket, thanks “The Warehouse Napier ” for the bargain purchase.
I walked to a cafe in the CBD for a coffee and tested out my “Nu Zeelund”
“Cen I pluz hev en ixtra hut trum flut whute” she understood me and it was perfect.
I then walked around the city centre , like your typical CBD except for every few shops/ offices along you find some sort of adrenalin ride, is that what office workers do in their lunch hour in Auckland  ? Have themselves shot out of a sling shot, or just jump off a 100 metre building?
I didnt need an adrenalin rush, I had a few yesterday, firstly I got to the airport with only 5 minutes to check in closing ( for those who dont know Im usually at airport with a good 5 hours to spare) Maggie was driving me , she said I should live on the edge, Ive done it now..not to be repeated.
Then as has been the case with my last 4 Jetstar flights we arrived early, the pilot managed to shave  20 minutes off a 55 minute flight. Not the record tho my previous flight the pilots arrived 25 minutes early.
The lovely maori woman who sat next to me had to sit down with the arm rest up and then once seated both the air hostess and I had to use all our strength to put it down again, this meant half her backside was squished onto my side and I was squashed against the side of plane, neither of us could move. Maybe thats why the pilots fly so fast , I was in danger of  losing blood supply to my right side.
I think Jetstar owes me a refund for half a seat.

The $5.00 salami bites are great value for money, they taste awful but were so chewy they took me the entire flight to eat.

After all that excitement I arrived in Auckland and I hadnt booked accomodation!
So I think enough adrenalin and living on edge for one day.


No, I Probably couldn’t!
No, I did not try this ride

I did go to Sky City and was going to go up the top but it cost $29 so I chose to spend that on a nice lunch instead. It was a lovely lunch too, I sat overlooking the yachts in the boat harbour, eating a huge serve of pate and toast, shame they are not as generous with wine servings as they are food.

I think I was looking at Australia 11
Waited ages for this to open but it never did so Double Dutch fries still a mystery

All the bar staff and shop assistants  are really friendly and happy, maybe its because they’ve got rid of any aggro on a bungy jump in their morning tea break. 



I havent seen any aggressive driving either so maybe we should get a sling shot and bungy jump on Hay st Mall.
There are still more Japanese than Kiwis here but they are big travellors..the Kiwis that is, they are probably all laying by a pool in Spain thankful they dont have to go sky diving in their lunch hour!

My idea of an adrenalin rush

So my NZ is still limited, tho I have learnt if a NZ asks you where the “chicken counter” is at the airport they are not looking for a fast food place!

Footnote  “chicken counter” is Nu Zealand for CHECK IN COUNTER!!



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