#FrequentFlyerFriday 2. You have your cards, now what?

Your new Qantas card will be bronze to reflect the entry level to their frequent flyer program and red for Virgin. Qantas has 5 levels starting with bronze, followed by silver, gold, platinum and platinum one. Virgin has 4 levels, red, silver, gold and platinum. Both cards have debit facilities on the reverse side of … Continue reading #FrequentFlyerFriday 2. You have your cards, now what?


#Frequentflyerfriday GETTING STARTED If you don’t already have a frequent flyer membership stop everything and read this! Frequent Flyer rewards programs are big business and therefore are highly competitive, this is great for flyers and non flyers because you can be earning points and not even have taken a flight. You don’t even have to … Continue reading #FREQUENT FLYER FRIDAY 1.Getting Started